Oriental Rug Spa

America's Best has fully trained and certified Area Rug Cleaners. We clean all fabrics, Natural & Synthetic, from silk, wool, cotton, jute to nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic and olefin fibers. Every rug has a history or story. It is important to know how to properly clean a rug. Knowing the type of fiber, dye stability, type of construction and any pre-existing conditions will help in determining what process and products to use. Here is our detailed cleaning process :

Step 1: Initial Inspection upon Pick-Up or Drop-Off
Step 2: Pre-Inspection and Photo Documentation
Step 3: Dusting
Step 4: Pre-vacuuming
Step 5: Color fastness test as appropriate.
Step 6: Pre-spotting
Step 7: Pre-Conditioning
Step 8: Fringe Pre-treatment
Step 9: Agitation for Chemical Distribution and More Effective Cleaning
Step 10: Rinse or Flush
Step 11: Forced Air Drying
Step 12: Additional Fringe Cleaning or Correction
Step 13: Grooming and Final Vacuuming
Step 14: Application of Fabric Protection upon request
Step 15: Post Inspection
Step 16: Roll and Secure with Plastic breathable wrap for Storage
Step 17: Customer Pick-up or America’s Best Delivery

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America’s Best Cleaning & Restoration Services Achieves Coveted “Textile Pro” Certification

America’s Best Cleaning & Restoration Services, a cleaning firm operating in Rochester, MN since 1987, was chosen in the early months of 2014 to be part of an elite training program for oriental rug and fine fabric care conducted by rug specialist Lisa Wagner and fine fabric specialist Jim Pemberton.

After graduating from the 6-month training program, the owner of America’s Best Cleaning & Restoration Services, Michael Thompson and Rug Cleaning Specialist Christopher Janvrin, decided to pursue Textile Pro Certification, which entailed case study documentation of cleaning rugs and upholstery.

“Most industry certification programs involve taking a short test with multiple choice questions, and do not guarantee that the student actually knows the craft. Jim and I actually wanted to know that we were training not the best test takers sitting at a desk, but the best textile cleaners out in the field,” explained Ms. Wagner.

“Our industry has lacked advanced textile training for years, so it is exciting to see these professional cleaners commit to excelling in their craft through this program. It only allows them to better serve their community’s rug and fabric needs,” added Mr. Pemberton.

Only ten Textile Pro companies nationally have achieved Certified Status in 2014, America’s Best Cleaning & Restoration Services being one of those earning the coveted designation.

America’s Best Cleaning & Restoration Services provides rug and upholstery cleaning services. For more information about America's Best feel free to call us at any of our 5 locations throughout Minnesota & Wisconsin.